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Drink Responsibly

Drink Responsibly



We prioritize our customers and what we do directly reflects our dedication and commitment towards them.

The market is ever changing and sometimes it becomes difficult for us to reflect those changes. Having said that, our dedicated team vigorously engages in research and development to deliver the finest products to our consumers. As an organization, we value innovation through market research and proactively take steps to ensure quality products are manufactured.

At NLPL, we are a dedicated group of individuals with decades of experience that has directed its energy to create an organization that prides itself in being professional and ethical. Our unwavering duty towards progression makes us what we are today.

Success does not come easily. We should not only focus on profits but also be wary of the future and safeguard it. What is now will not be tomorrow if we do not continue to evolve ourselves with time. To do so, we need to be dedicated and committed to growth.

I firmly believe that we are capable of more and with our combined spirit and energy we can reach new heights. I believe in working with such vigor that our products will be our identity and not the other way around.

Nepal Liquors will continue to empower and expand its product line and dedicate itself to provide the best quality products to its customers. I feel NL is poised to reach greater heights in the coming years and am confident in our abilities to make improvements as we grow.