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Drink Responsibly

Drink Responsibly


Mr. Rajesh Bir Singh Tuladhar

Executive Chairman


We have successfully built a solid reputation for conducting business responsibly throughout our four decades in the alcohol industry. Nepal Liquors Pvt. Ltd. continues to utilize the same marketing strategies, techniques, and merchandise that it used in the beginning. 

The market is always evolving, and it might be challenging for us to reflect on those changes. Having said that, our committed staff works hard to conduct research and development in order to provide our customers with the best goods. As a company, we value innovation via market research and take aggressive measures to guarantee that high-quality products are produced. One of the top businesses in Nepal's liquor sector is us. High-quality items are our foremost priority. We will be providing the best quality item to the consumer.

We have a solid name and recognition in the market thanks to our decades of expertise, a team made up of skilled experts, high-quality products, and, most importantly, the highest ethical and professional procedures.

As a team, we are capable of greater things, which can contribute greatly to the Nepali market. I feel we should work so hard that our goods become who we are rather than the other way around.

Our ability to give back to our community via various social projects is not constrained by our prosperity. We continue to give back to our communities because we haven't lost sight of our roots. We believe we can build a society where every life is cherished if we work together. With our constant support, we steadfastly strive for a more renowned future.


Mr. Rupesh Shakya

General Manager - Sales & Marketing

Mr. Kamal Sitaula

General Manager-Corporate Affairs

Mr. Debasish Chakrabarti

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Mr. Komal Prasad Sharma

General Manager

Mr. Onish Rajbahak

Sr. Brand Manager